Medicare Advantage Leads

Seniors are More Tech-Savvy

Thousands of Americans are turning 65 every day. More and more seniors have an online presence and  are becoming increasingly familiar with today’s technology, which makes it easier to reach them. These seniors are in need of Medicare Advantage coverage, and we can find them for you!

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100% Exclusive Medicare Leads

16% are Turning 65

38% are between 65-70

77% are Under Age 75

High Quality Medicare Advantage Leads

We connect a two-way sync from your CRM to our system to track your individual sales data. We are able to identify and optimize your best performing sources.

Seniors are Actively Searching for Savings

Consumer searches for Medicare Advantage coverage online

They see our ad which leads to a form in which they submit their info

Medicare Advantage Lead Preview

Medicare Supplement Lead Preview

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