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Exclusive Group Insurance Leads

The most common thing we hear from group agents is:” description=”How do I see more groups? Because if I can see them, I have a good chance of providing our service.
That is where Benepath comes in.


What Makes Our Group Leads Different?

They are not “semi-exclusive”, exclusive for a week or a month, exclusive for group health but sold as a 401(k) lead as well, etc.They are simply exclusive to YOU!

That’s right, this is more than just a name and phone number. We ask all the up front questions and collect their census data.

Yes – their census data. We have designed a unique process where larger groups can upload their census – and then we deliver it right to you!

Watch a video on how our group leads are generated and how you get personally branded in our website.

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That way we know there are no incentivized leads, no pop-under ads, and no spam email campaigns. The Leads are sourced from trusted places like Google, Yahoo, Ask and MSN (Bing).
We Won’t Put Too Many Agents in One AreaWhat good is a lead program if you can’t get any leads. We are watching our lead production very closely because it is important to us to get you the leads you need to succeed.

You Choose Your Group Size and Territory

Pick from a range of group sizes and select your territories by either state or county.

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