Continuous Income Selling Medicare Supplement


Medicare Supplement is a great way to earn continuous income without putting in the extra work. The most important thing to consider when selling Medicare Supplement is that you get paid the same commission for 7 years! With that said, the leads that you purchase and the sales that you make are extremely valuable long term.

The example below represents the residual income you could make over the years with the assumption you’re making $30,000 in new commissions each year:

Benepath Sponsoring Pints in the Square Event

Benepath is proud to sponsor Pints in the Square Brew Fest and 5k being held September 9, 2017. Newtown Square Neighbors is a non-profit organization whose mission is to actively support and enrich community spirit and local businesses, and to promote positive relationships within the Newtown Square community.

Newtown Square Neighbors’ Inaugural Pints in the Square in September 2016 was a resounding success. Residents of Newtown Square and surrounding areas turned out in droves for a fabulous, fun day. More than 300 walkers and runners participated in the 5k and 500 beer lovers sampled products from more than 25 different craft brewers. In October a check for $25,000 was presented to the Newtown Square Fire Company.

Find out more information here and we hope to see you in the Square!

Selling insurance is not easy

While that statement may seem like a no brainer, some people think it is a breeze selling insurance. After all, who wouldn’t want health insurance or medicare supplement or other insurance to make their lives easier? The reality is that there are a whole lot of people who do not want to spend the money on insurance, thinking they are in good health and don’t need it.

Let’s get this straight. The concept of selling insurance IS easy. Doing it successfully is another thing entirely. What do you do about that? As simple as it may sound, work with it. Do not consider selling insurance to be easy and that provides you with the motivation to work that much harder to make sales and stay on top of your game. The harder you work to make your agency a success, the easier it becomes over time. Do the time. Earn the success.

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