Why Choose Us?

Quite simply, we provide you with the best health insurance leads which will make you more productive than you ever imagined. Why?

You Get the Good Leads
Talk to More Prospects
Get Leads that Call You
Make More Sales
Choose Your Territory

Exclusive Leads Only

What do we mean by exclusive leads?exclusiveleads

It is connecting one consumer to one agent, not one consumer to many agents.

So why is this important?

For many reasons, but let’s start with two.

  1. It is doing right by you, the agent, so you aren’t competing with another agent for that consumer’s business.
  2. It is also doing right by the consumer as they won’t be bombarded with phone calls from a multitude of agents rushing to be the first to contact them.

Getting the most out of your investment

If your time is important, then exclusive leads are for you.

You Get Branded

What does “get branded” mean? getbrandedus

After the prospect completes our form, they can see your information including your picture, your logo and brief description about you or your agency. If you have Broker Office or Quotit, we can show your quotes.

So why is this important?

Consumers actually expect your call, not trying to avoid it. Not only do they know what agent they have been assigned to, but they have learned a little bit about you already. This helps maximize your Contact Rate. So if you are contacting more, you are selling more.

Search Generated Leads

What exactly are “search generated” leads?

searchgeneretedThis means that consumers are actively searching for insurance on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search sites.

They are typing in terms like “insurance quotes” or “insurance rates” in the search engines and then:

  • Seeing a List of Ads
  • Clicking on our Ad
  • Completing our Form

They are only considered a lead if they complete that process

So why is this important?

Talking to consumers actively searching for insurance are better prospects than a person who was incentivized to fill out a form. There is a level of interest in getting insurance quotes, otherwise they wouldn’t have completed the process.