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Medicare Leads That Will Improve Your Productivity

Benepath’s difference is that we are the only lead provider who solely delivers exclusive, search generated leads to agents like yourself. You won’t be fighting with 5 or 6 other agents for every sale you make and you will always be talking to someone who has been actively searching for a senior health insurance program.

This combination of exclusivity and search to generate the leads will make you more productive!
Leads Exclusively to You
We mean exclusive when we say exclusive. Not semi-exclusive, partially exclusive, or whatever other term the other providers are coming up with to sell you shared leads. WE MEAN EXCLUSIVE – one agent gets the lead.
But people go to multiple websites, so how exclusive can it be? While that is true, our internal studies and feedback we have received from agents has shown that about 9 of every 10 of our leads does not enter their information in another website.
Search Generated Leads
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