Our Agents Love The Inbound Calls We Generate For Them

So how do we maintain the quality of leads from calls?

We do not call them, they call us!

Yes, we do not have a call center or telemarketing company out there cold-calling people trying to convince them that they need to talk to an agent.

We receive calls from people genuinely looking for insurance on the internet. We put our phone number out there on Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search platforms.

And when people search for health insurance quotes, our ads (along with our phone number) pops right up.

And some people who are really interested in talking to an agent do more than just click on our ads. They call us. We connect you with excellent prospects.

Go ahead. Fill up this short form, talk to our account managers and we will hook you up for free calls!

Each call is worth over $30, but for you, its absolutely free!

Call us right away.