What kind of a contact rate should I get with my leads?

If you follow the recommended contact practices you get when you sign up, you should contact over 50% of your leads. In our own tests, the agents who used this best practice contacted 67% of their leads on a regular basis – and this included bad leads – 8.2% of our leads. So, if we only counted their “good leads” the actual contact rate was 72.9%.

How much do I have to pay up front to get started?

We charge a deposit for your first week’s estimated leads. Then we bill you one week at a time.

What kind of an agreement will we have?

Before we start sending you leads, we have a simple agreement that outlines which program you joined, the cancellation policy, and the like.

When can I cancel?

You can cancel at any time with just one week’s notice.

How many leads can you provide me each month?

That depends on the territories you select. When you call, we will help you match your desired lead flow with the territories. We then provide you with our estimate on the number of leads you will receive as well as with a maximum number you will pay for.

Why can’t I turn my leads on and off except for days off or vacations in advance?

To maintain the highest quality with the way our system works, its just not possible to turn all the pay per click programs off at a moments notice. More importantly, since these leads are truly exclusive, the need to call your leads in real time is substantially less than with shared leads where you literally are racing for the phone to beat everyone else.

How much do your leads cost?

Our pricing varies based on the region and the filters. Call us to find out how much they are in your area.