I get that making money in individual health insurance is a lot tougher than it was a year ago thanks to Obamacare and the carrier’s reaction to the MLR requirements.

Regardless, there seams to still be money to be made.

We have spoken with a number of agents who are still in the business and based on their metrics we built this spreadsheet so you can see how your ROI works with your marketing spend.

Essentially, while it does take a few months to get to cash flow positive, after you hit break even, you start seeing a solid monthly revenue stream.

Tell us what you are seeing, how you are making it work, and if you think the numbers these agents are seeing is realistic by posting your comments below.

We look forward to your feedback!

ROI – we assumed $500 monthly premium at 12% commission for year 1 and 6% at year 2.

Download the As Earned Commission vs Spend Spreadsheet Here